Contacting people Profils who didn't opt-in for the newsletter, but are still Profils

  • 11 October 2023
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Can we send emails to Profils that are not suscribers and ask them if they wanna opt-in or not ?

I’ve a list of 4900 and only a few people opt-in in the newseltter… how come ?

Can I send a reengagement email only to those people who didn’t suscribe ?




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Hi @Steve0603 

In my opinion, you shouldn’t do that and I’m pretty sure it would be against Klaviyo’s T&Cs.

If I understand correctly, you have a list of 4,900 contacts most of whom have not agreed to receive email marketing from your business. Where did that list come from?

And if you did send to that list, it would likely damage your sender reputation and your brand. I always mark unsolicited emails I receive as spam if they even make it into my inbox!

You mention some on that list have subscribed. How did you capture those opt-ins? That would be a good starting point to look at how you can grow your list of opt-ins.

Not the answer you wanted but I hope that helps!