Contacts get automatically updated?

  • 4 March 2022
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will contacts that have for example - ended there position and the email is not valid anymore get automatically updated and deleted? So we will not send to invalid mail again for next campaign.

Hope anyone can help me with this question!



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Hi there @Bookman AB

Welcome to the Community! 

If I am understanding correctly, are you asking about when a customer goes through a Flow? What is the “position” that a contact is going through and what makes it not valid? If you are looking to understand how contacts move through a flow, I recommend our documentation here. 

If you are looking to unsubscribe customers to no longer email them, here are some related documents:

Guide to Unsubscribes in Klaviyo

How to Add Unsubscribe Links


I look forward to your response,



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I mean if we send a campaign/newsletter to a list and we receives autoreplies that some subscribers have ended there position and the email is no longer valid anymore. Will those contacts automatically gets updated - and not receive anymore emails or do we need to delete them?

thank you!

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Hi @Bookman AB,

Thanks for the clarification. If a customer unsubscribes from a mailing newsletter or campaign, then they will automatically be marked as a suppressed profile and no longer receive email.

Here is a guide going into further detail about these profiles and how they work. Additionally, I would recommend checking out our Guide to List Cleaning for when you want to remove profiles.