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  • 27 April 2022
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I have a segment that was set up in 2020 (before I started working here:)

Win-Back Opportunities

  • Placed Order at least once over all time
  • Placed Order zero times in the last 180 days
  • Person is not suppressed for email

My question is - does this list grow based on that criteria (are new people added?). Or is this a list that was created in 2020 and it still holds the same list of people?


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4 replies

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Hi Peggy, 


Segments are dynamic and will grow and shrink based on customer behavior.


Here’s a help article that further explains the difference between a segment and list:


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I understand a newsletter opt-in segment grows and shrinks based on those who sign up.  I'm asking about a segment that, say bought an octagon. I'd like to group all of those people in a segment. If I set the parameters for those who purchased an octagon in the last 90 days, will my list grow whenever a new person buys an octagon?  Will they be added my “Octagon” segment?

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Yes :)

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Thank you!