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  • 7 July 2023
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Klaviyo, serious question here... what is the point of having a prefix for unique, dynamic coupon codes, if we cannot segment by them?
Having to manually select ALL codes with the same prefix is nuts!


3 replies

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Hello @Murray Finlayson,

Welcome back to the Community and thanks for sharing this feedback!

At present, one of the limitations with creating a segment based on unique discount code goes back to how the data is being passed to Klaviyo.

The “discount code” within the segment criteria is being passed as a list data type. For example, a person could theoretically have multiple discount codes applied to a single order. Each of those discount codes would then be indexed in the array/list. 

Because of this, when using the “contains” logic in the segment, it is looking to match the full value, not just the partial value. This is similar to data being passed as text data type. Hence why segmenting for coupon codes is only reliable through static coupon codes. 

Although filtering by a unique coupon code’s prefix isn’t viable through Klaviyo, I’ve heard success from brands filtering through their own ecommerce platform. 

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Hi @David To,

So this mean that creating additional filter for automatic flow to restricts customers that already used that unique coupon code with prefix will not work?

If yes you should change the filter definition because right now it says “contains” which can be misleading that all codes with this string ill be included.


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@Murray Finlayson if this "where” section was only similar to the section above it we could probably do more, contains, does not contain, or filter based on text and have starts with. 

Trying to do the same with discounts used is same situation. Give me all people that bought with a discount should be easy placed order where total discount > 0 but not possible (yet) Hope someone picks this pup


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