Create contact when someone sign up in Wordpress

  • 27 December 2023
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When someone is registering to my Wordpress site, i can see that the contact details is not created in Klaviyo.
I’d like to create a contact in Klaviyo every time someone is registering to our WP site..

Should i use Zapier or make for it or there is a native method? 

2 replies

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Hey @Emailim 

Thanks for reaching out for help with this! Happy to help!

You'll need to update the settings in your WooCommerce > Plugins > Klaviyo settings to Add a subscribe to newsletter checkbox on the checkout page:

Then, in Klaviyo, you can choose to have customers added to a specific List in Integrations > WooCommerce:
Let me know if this helps!

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Hi @stephen.trumble 
We have checkbox and all the settings are ok.
I’m not referring to the checkout process..

People can register to our website through the WP native reg form but they are not entering our Klaviyo account.