Create segment of customers who have received emails by tag

  • 25 October 2022
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Has anyone found a good way to create a segment of users who have received emails by tag


For example, I am trying to find customers who have received a certain number of customer service notification emails in the last 14 days. We tag all of our CS notification emails with the tag “CS notifications.” There’s no “tag” property that I can filter the Received Email event by, and we send a lot of CS notifications each week, so it would be a huge pain to have to go in and add each email by campaign name one by one. 



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Hello @aubreysutter and welcome to the Community!


There’s currently no way to filter a Segment based on the reception of a tagged email. However, if you are looking to target a specific customer notification(s), you can use the “Message” filter, and string together multiple filters with “OR” statements.


From the Create Segment page, define the Segment using “What someone has done (or not done)” > Received Email > “is at least 4 times”. Then, click “Add Filter”, and select “Message” from the “Choose Property” dropdown. Then, type in the name of the message after the “equals” modifier.


If there are multiple specific messages, select the OR modifier to the right of the page, and repeat:

Although this method won’t capture people who have received a combination of 4 different messages, it will at least allow you to filter by those who have received 4 of the same specific message.


I hope this helps, and thank you for using the Community!