Create Segment of discount-only shoppers

  • 17 August 2021
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Does anyone have any creative ways to segment discount-only shoppers that’s better than “Placed Order is greater than x over all time where Discount Codes contains 100+ different codes?





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Hi @denise.b ,

Great question and thanks for posting to the Community!

I'm afraid updating the segment definition with the new codes is the only way to do this. The workaround for Dynamic Codes requires you to include each unique code in the Segment definitions which can become cumbersome if you have sent out a lot of unique codes. If you are using unique/dynamic codes, there currently is no method in place for just "used discount" in general. With that said, I can file a feature request on your behalf to see if this is something we can implement in the future. I would love to see the feature available! I know other customers have mentioned it as well so the more we submit feedback about it, the better our engineering team can prioritize building the feature. 


A possible work-around I have would be to use a static code instead so that there are fewer codes to bring into your segment definition. 


Hope this helped!



Thanks for the reply @alex.hong! Even the ability to add a definition filter for Coupon Name used vs. the unique coupon codes would be amazing. I would love to see this feature implemented, along with the one you mentioned.

Appreciate the help :)




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No problem @denise.b !

It would definitely be a great feature to use as I can see it streamlining the process for segment definitions when it comes to discounted users. Once this feature is implemented from the team, I will definitely keep you updated!


Have a good day :)