Creating a segment based on placed orders in the future

  • 20 November 2022
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I make a donation to a non-profit partner based on a percentage of each sale. I would like to send out an email campaign each month to the customers who made a purchase that month to thank them and share the positive impact their purchase had. I have mapped out how I think this should be accomplished.

1- Create a segment that is defined as customers who've purchased in a given month and the segment would be named as such. (Example: January 2023 Customers) I would create these segments for entire calendar year so it will compile the data as it occurs.

2- Create a monthly email campaign for each calendar month that pulls it's recipients from the corresponding monthly segment as detailed above. I assume I will be able to create these campaigns, like the segments, ahead of time and select the send date to occur on the given date in the future. I obviously will have to do some editing in terms of the given donation for that month, but I wanted to front load much of the work so it's a quick process when that month occurs.

3- So my account does not become bloated with these segments and campaigns, my thought was to go in after the campaign has been sent and delete both the segment and campaign as they are both one time events that won't occur again.

I created the current month (November 2022) segment and it appears to be pulling everything properly.  However, when I tried to create a segment that pulls customers who’ve purchased during a time period that hasn’t occurred (Example, December 2022) the system will not create the segment.  Do I just need to wait and create the segment once the given time period has arrived?  Sorry for the long-winded post!


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Hi @Mr. DogBed,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

I’m glad you fleshed out your ideas in detail and you’re completely on the right path. That is correct, you will not be able to create a “future” segment, simply because that data does not exist yet. You may also find this guide helpful - it speaks to segmenting based on dates.

Also keep in mind, sent campaigns cannot be deleted, but you can archive them.

I hope that’s helpful and thanks for being a community member.

Thank you for your response and confirming what thought was the case, I really appreciate it!