Creating a segment for customers who bought more than 1 of any product

  • 9 January 2022
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Hi friends,


Is there a way to create a segment of customers that bought more than 1 unit of any product over all time? 

My purpose is to know customers that purchased products for gifts, since I know nobody buys two equal books for oneself.

I don’t want to segment for specific products (that would be an easy filter), but for any product.

In the segment there could someone that bought the same product in different orders (happens more often) or customers that bought more than 1 of the same product in a single order (doesn’t happen much).


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Hello @vitbarreto,

Great question! 

At present, there isn’t a way to segment customers based on someone who has purchased multiple units of any product over all time. This was addressed by @quagrowth and @Dov on a similar subject in the Community post below:

Although their topic surrounded segmenting users who have viewed a product instead of purchasing a product, the logic still stands.

I hope this helps!