Creating a Segment for Unconverted Samplers

  • 28 August 2021
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I’m creating a conversion funnel for Customers who have received free samples of our granola. The sample is a unique Shopify SKU, so adding new prospects to the Segment is straight-forward.  However, I only want prospects to remain in this segment until they purchase a revenue generating product.  Moving Customers from the “Samplers - Unconverted” Segment to “Samplers - Converted” Segment is easy, I just added an AND condition for having a Fulfilled Order Value greater than $0.00.  However, I want the “Samplers - Unconverted” Segment to only contain Customers who have ordered the sample SKU, but have NOT ordered any other revenue generating SKU.  I would then create a conversion flow triggered by someone joining the Unconverted Segment and they would leave that flow upon their first revenue generating order and move to the Converted Segment.  Any ideas on how to best accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.




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Hello @Roy J.,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

You should be able to create a segment that would only capture customers who have only ordered this specific Sample SKU and have not placed an order that generated revenue by using the opposite condition rules of what you had in place for your “Samplers - Converted” segment. Instead of your "Samplers - Converted” segment utilizing the “Fulfilled Order Value grater than 0” definition, you would need to use the “less than 0” rule. 

From the example segment above, this would capture all customers who have ordered a specific Product SKU and whose Revenue (also known as Placed Order Value) is less than 0; which would be contacts who have only purchased your sample products but has not made a purchase to generate revenue. 

I hope this helps!