Creating high roller segment

  • 7 September 2022
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Hi! I’m creating a high roller segment. I’m following the instructions here but I don’t seem to have the revenue option when I’m creating my definition. Has this been changed to something else? 

When someone has or has not done


is greater than….


Best answer by Manny Singh 10 September 2022, 04:54

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What kind of integration it is? I’m pretty sure for Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce this metric is there but it might not be for other type of integrations..

Thanks for the response. It’s Shopify integration!

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Hey @itdebJ, please send a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the options for Shopify metrics.


Also, first, double check the integration is set up correctly:


Thanks Manny Singh

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Hmm, not sure what’s happening there.  You don’t seem to have any of the ones that are related to the value of an order.  


Do you have sales on this Shopify account or is it a new account?

@Mailbox Manny It’s a new account, I just wanted to pre-populate while I was waiting for the full set up. Will it show up when the site goes live? Thanks for your help :) 


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Ahh, yup, that’s it!


It’s great you’re thinking about this early to get it set up.


However, it’ll show up once you get some sales coming through.


I wouldn’t worry about it too much to start, that type of segmentation will be more important I’d say after the 1 year mark (or depending on the repeat customer rate within 1 year). 

Good luck with the new site!