Creating segments based on purchases of Shopify products with certain tags

  • 1 February 2023
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May be an obvious one but working with a record label who have tagged all their Shopify products with the genre of the product:



When I go to create the segment however, I don’t have an option to pull through any Shopify tags:


The Shopify connection is solid and working for everything else, I’m just confused how to find the tags we’ve assigned to Shopify products within Klaviyo and how I can create segments based off of them and activity on those products.




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3 replies

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Hi @asheratmotive,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

You’ll be able to segment on product tags using Ordered Product - the Viewed Product event will not capture that particular information.

In terms of activity, you can always adjust “at least once” and “over all time” parameters to accommodate any timeframe for ordering the product. Additionally, you can add a “Viewed Product” event to the segment definition if you’d like to capture users who have ordered product X with tag Y and also viewed the product. You’d want to use the “AND” separator in this case. If you’d like to capture users who have ordered the product or viewed the product, you can use an “OR” separator. For more information, see our “AND vs OR” guide here

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Thanks! Very helpful


Related question…

Does it filter…

Product where Tags contain “picture”  AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE


Product where Tags contain “picture”  PRESENTLY


I ask because we add/remove tags after a product sells out, and/or if a product is on sale, etc.


We may need to rethink our tagging methodology depending on how Klaviyo applies the tags’ presence to the creation of a segment.