Creating segments but there are data descrepancies

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Im trying to create segments based on web actions. So for example for jewellery customers I have created a segment for jewellery views, a segment for add to basket, and a segment for buyers. I would have assumed there would be loads of views, a lot of add to baskets, and a few sales. but this isnt the case. If we have had 373 jewellery buyers, why is there only 52 jewellery add to carts ( I havent excluded purchases from this segment)? and again with views how do we only have 132 jewellery views? 

Also we just had an order with someone who is on our klaviyo database and bought a kimono. Ive just checked but they are not added to our kimono buyer segment. I know for a fact that they bought something from the kimonos&gowns category, so why do they not get added?  instead they get added to potential buyers? 


is there a way that i can stop this data decay? 

Thanks :) 


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Hi @armedandgorgeous,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Community.

This is most likely due to Cookies in a browser and how these metrics are actually recorded/tracked. Placed Order events will always be recorded from the event synced from Shopify to Klaviyo because the customer would need to enter their email address. However, for Add to Cart events this is not true. Klaviyo can only record an add to cart event when someone is cookied prior to clicking on the add to cart button so that is why you are seeing the discrepancy in the numbers.




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Ah right yeah that makes sense. Thank you!