Creating segments for customers who are weekly or fortnightly subscribers

  • 3 October 2021
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My business is based on subscribers who order weekly or fortnightly as well as customers who order a box here and there.

At the beginning of the week I send my subscribers an email as a reminder that their box is coming and if they want to order any additional produce.  I need to send this email to all weekly subscribers and the relevant fortnightly subscribers.  It needs to exclude those subscribers who have put their subscription on hold.

Then at the end of the week I send an produce update email to all the subscribers and customers who ordered for that week only.  It needs to exclude those subscribers who decided to put their subscription on hold or cancelled their order since receiving the email at the beginning of the week.

I’m using WooCommerce and wondering how to set up all these segments as I have tried and not been successful. Also new to Klaviyo.  Any advice is very, very welcomed.


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Hi @Nicole.Horton


Welcome to the Community! We are so glad you’re here. 


First, do you mind sharing how you are syncing these subscription metrics in your account? Have you already built them out yourself or are they integrated into your Klaviyo account via a third party? If not and you wish to include or exclude certain subscribers based on their subscription actions, you will need to create these events so Klaviyo can track and record what your users do and the actions they take. 


You can use out Server-Side API to create and track custom ‘subscription-action’ metrics in Klaviyo. Once you install this code,  you can set up a different segments of users who have started subscriptions, updated their subscription, and cancelled their subscriptions. If you are new to Klaviyo and don’t have much experience with API, I would recommend working with a developer for this. If you do not have access to a developer, then please consider our robust community of partner agencies to assist with this. You can browse our Klaviyo Agency Directory to decide which option is best suited for you.


Additionally, how do you know the frequently of your users’ subscriptions which are either weekly or fortnightly? Are they each added to a separate Lists? If so, this would be easy to keep track of as you would simply always include one List, the weekly subscribers, and either include or exclude the List of fortnightly subscribers every other week. 


This additional insight will reveal what next steps we need to take here. 


Looking forward to hearing from you so we can reach a solution for you in the Community!