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  • 22 March 2021
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I have a large existing list and would like to add a manage preference option to my campaign email footer that allows customers to decide what email content they want to receive from us. There are three categories of emails we are sending, which are sales & promotions, new product releases and blog posts.

I have not put a manage preferences link in the emails yet, or segmented anything yet. I do have a custom page set up with radio buttons that they can check off for each segment of emails they are interested in,  but I find this strategy backwards as my current list is technically already subscribed to all 3 (as we only segment based on engagement so far).


I need some guidance on the best strategy for executing this project and best set up for the custom manage preferences page.





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Hi @aliciasyro Alicia,


If you plan to leverage Klaviyo’s preference editor, there are a few things to keep in mind when building out these pages:

  • We have a generic preference page which is the page that email recipients will route to if they click on the preference link in the email that was sent from a flow triggered by a metric, segment, or date OR they received a campaign that was sent to a segment, multiple segments, multiple lists or a combination of lists and segments.
  • We have list specific preference pages which are custom preference pages that are set for each individual list. These are the pages that email recipients will route to if they click on the preference link if the email was sent to them as a flow triggered by a list OR a campaign sent to a single list. Think abut if you send a campaign to a VIP audience or a wholesale audience, you may want to collect preferences that are unique to that audience, as an example.


What I would recommend for NEW subscribers, is adding an email to your welcome series specifically focusing on getting your new subscribers to update their preferences. You could have the preference link as a button in your email so that the CTA is very clear.


What I would recommend for collecting preferences for existing subscribers is to send periodic (reasonably sized - keeping in mind deliverability) campaigns asking for these contacts to update their preferences. You can also add a preference link to most of your flows and campaigns so that over time, we can get more and more people setting their preferences.


You can then create segments based on the type of email content subscribers want to receive (and those that don’t have their content preferences set) and send campaigns to those audiences when it’s relevant to them.


I hope this helps to get you started!


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Hi Alicia!

I am a new Klaviyo user who had this exact problem and just figured out how to fix it.

First, you should set up the choices on your preference pages as checkboxes, not radio buttons. Checkboxes are meant for selecting multiple interests, whereas radio buttons are meant to limit you to one choice out of many.

After you set up the checkboxes on your preference pages, the first thing you should do is update your welcome flow, so every new subscriber is automatically opted in to all emails. We’ll fix the current subscribers in just a minute.

Open your welcome flow and drag Update Profile Property from the left column into your flow on the right, directly after the trigger.


In the left column, under Configuration, choose Create New Property, then name this property something relevant like Interests or Preferences. Make sure you choose List as the property type. Then add each of your options in the box below and Save.


In the right column, switch your new property box to Live. Then you can Save & Exit.


Go to your website and subscribe any email address you own to trigger your welcome flow. If you have double opt-in enabled, be sure to confirm.

Note: I love using free Gmail addresses for testing, because you can add extra dots anywhere and Klaviyo will treat it as a new email, like and and


Now go to Profiles and click on the new profile you just created. If you did everything right, you should see all the preferences listed in the Information section of the right column.


Now it’s finally time to add all of these preferences to your existing subscribers. Go to Lists & Segments and click on your list. In the top right, click the Manage List button and choose Export List to CSV.

On the next screen, use the search box the find the new property you set up in the welcome flow and select it, then click the Start Export button on the right. Save the CSV file to your computer.


Open the CSV file and sort by your Interests column so your new profile is at the top. Now double click the tiny square in the bottom right corner of the Interests cell to copy it to all the cells below, and save.


Go back to your list in Klaviyo, click the Manage List button again, and choose Import Contacts.


Drag and drop or browse to your CSV to start the import process. On the right side, be sure to set the type as List. Then click the Import Review button above, and then Start Import on the next screen.


Once the import is complete, all of your current subscribers will be opted into all preferences, as well as every new subscriber going forward. Now, if they click the Manage Your Preferences link and select their interests, they will be effectively opting out of emails they don’t want to receive.

Now you’ll want to set up new segments targeting those interests, so you can choose the appropriate segments depending on the type of email you’re sending. 


Good luck and happy emailing!


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Hi @julie.accardo ,

Thanks for explaining this. When I’m on a list though, I’m not able to update the ‘Manage Preference’ form. 

I’ve attached a picture to show what it looks like, and there is simply no way to update the form. Is this a bug on my system? Seems weird that I’d only allow people to change their name.



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Hey @nickhutton,

It appears you’ve made a similar Community post which I’ve recently answered. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at it, I’ve included it below for your convenience:

Thanks for being a Klaviyo Community Member! Have a great day!


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This is exactly what I am trying to achieve BUT I would do it automatically, not manually using the export and import solution.

I have the welcome email flow, and the last email contains a series of banners. Basically, users have to click on the banner of their interest and from here a new flow will start. (the click on the banner is the trigger that launch the new flow).


Is there a way to do it?



Hi @julie.accardo @David To @emailteamvwe 

Appreciate the detailed step by step guides above.

I’ve managed to create the “Interests” property, and created segments for each interest.

I’m trying to customize the Preference Page (General), and insert the checkbox for each interest.

However, when inserting the “Property” for each checkbox item, I’m only able to select the group of interests ([“Singapore Launch”, “Sales & Promotions”, etc...]) as one item, instead of each interest as separate items.

How should I progress from here please?

Here’s a screenshot that hopefully help explains the scenario.

I’d really appreciate if anyone can help guide me through this, as we’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now.

You have a great day ahead!

Thank you!
Caleb ;)

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Hey @caleb.wong,

Seems normal to me! This just means you may not have had someone with a property that matches just one of those values. I.E. a profile whose “interests” property does not equal just “Singapore Launch”. 

This just means you’ll want to create the values associated with these properties individually. 



Hey @caleb.wong,

Seems normal to me! This just means you may not have had someone with a property that matches just one of those values. I.E. a profile whose “interests” property does not equal just “Singapore Launch”. 

This just means you’ll want to create the values associated with these properties individually. 


You’re right. I resolve this ticket with the help from Klaviyo’s support.

It seemed that I’ll need to create the individual items here, cause non of the profiles already have the individual “Interests” separatedly, since I’ve just imported everyone to have all the 4 “Interest” properties.

Thanks so much for you@David To !

You have a wonderful day ahead.


Much love,

Caleb ;)

This is a pretty hack-y and elaborate process. I have used other platforms that have a much simpler way to accomplish this by having a message channel/sender profile config page. Each message was then selected the channel and sender profile associated with the channel’s opt out link. Their method was far more controlled and a fail safe way to accomplish this.