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  • 22 March 2021
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I have a large existing list and would like to add a manage preference option to my campaign email footer that allows customers to decide what email content they want to receive from us. There are three categories of emails we are sending, which are sales & promotions, new product releases and blog posts.

I have not put a manage preferences link in the emails yet, or segmented anything yet. I do have a custom page set up with radio buttons that they can check off for each segment of emails they are interested in,  but I find this strategy backwards as my current list is technically already subscribed to all 3 (as we only segment based on engagement so far).


I need some guidance on the best strategy for executing this project and best set up for the custom manage preferences page.




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Hi Alicia,


If you plan to leverage Klaviyo’s preference editor, there are a few things to keep in mind when building out these pages:

  • We have a generic preference page which is the page that email recipients will route to if they click on the preference link in the email that was sent from a flow triggered by a metric, segment, or date OR they received a campaign that was sent to a segment, multiple segments, multiple lists or a combination of lists and segments.
  • We have list specific preference pages which are custom preference pages that are set for each individual list. These are the pages that email recipients will route to if they click on the preference link if the email was sent to them as a flow triggered by a list OR a campaign sent to a single list. Think abut if you send a campaign to a VIP audience or a wholesale audience, you may want to collect preferences that are unique to that audience, as an example.


What I would recommend for NEW subscribers, is adding an email to your welcome series specifically focusing on getting your new subscribers to update their preferences. You could have the preference link as a button in your email so that the CTA is very clear.


What I would recommend for collecting preferences for existing subscribers is to send periodic (reasonably sized - keeping in mind deliverability) campaigns asking for these contacts to update their preferences. You can also add a preference link to most of your flows and campaigns so that over time, we can get more and more people setting their preferences.


You can then create segments based on the type of email content subscribers want to receive (and those that don’t have their content preferences set) and send campaigns to those audiences when it’s relevant to them.


I hope this helps to get you started!