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  • 22 July 2022
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Hi Experts,

I would like to set up segments in Klaviyo that all contain the buyers of my different Shopify products (1 product per segment).

In the segment creator, however, I found two ways to do that:

  1. Fulfilled Order with an item selected


  1. Ordered Product with a product selected


Which of these is the best practice, and how can I make sure that only people end up in the segment that really bought the product? Refunds and cancelled orders should not stay in there (this was an issue I had with my last email tool).

Thank you!




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3 replies

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Hi @DRMax

I think you’re on the right track here so far.  Just to be specific, I see you’re on the Shopify platform, so a Fulfilled Orders happens exactly when an item is marked as Fulfilled in Shopify’s backend.  For most merchants, this is when an order has a shipping label or when their fulfillment centers have processed the orders and their systems marks those orders as Fulfilled through Shopify’s API.

Ordered Product event is a specific event that is sent for each item that is purchased.  So when a Placed Order event happens and the order has more than one item, then there could be multiple “Ordered Product” events that happens subsequently (and almost immediately) for each item. 

Each event has a different set of data, but many data may overlap in each event.  For example, Fulfilled Order, Placed Order, and Ordered Product all have at least one Item that was ordered. This article from Klaviyo describes a bit more detail of each of these built-in events:

For your particular scenario of creating a Segment per product ordered, I would go with “Ordered Product” with an AND condition that there is no Cancelled Order (with that Product) AND there is no Refunded Order (with that Product).  It’s a bit tedious to setup for each of your Products, but that should give you the proper rules to ensure that they they truly made the purchase.  

Hope this helps!



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Hey @DRMax , thank you for sharing this with the Klaviyo community.

To be honest, I believe “Fulfilled Order” is best practice if you want to include only subscribers who actually bought the product.

Unlike a “Placed Order” which tracks when a product is first ordered, an order is marked fulfilled” when it has been shipped already, so that automatically removes a cancelled order which you don’t want.

To exclude anyone who refunded their order, just add a filter to the segment you already created about Fulfilled Order like this:


I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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Hi @retention,

thanks for your reply!

Looking at your explanation of “fulfilled order”, I would expect that this might be the right choice for me.

Could you please explain, why you still chose to go with “ordered product” and not the way, @Edgar Emmanuel described? (Thank you for you answer too!)

Is there any advantage?

Thanks and best regards,