Customer Tag not back populating in flow

  • 16 July 2021
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I created a tag  on Shopify called Wholesale for customers who’ve been approved as our wholesale customers. Then, I created a segment on Klaviyo called Wholesale for customers that contain the tag “Wholesale” on Shopify.  And then I created a an email Flow to send a welcome email to any customers who is added to the Wholesale segment. For visualization purposes:


Shopify Customer Tag:  Wholesale

Klaviyo Segment:  Wholesale (anyone who contains the tag Wholesale on Shopify)

Klaviyo Email Flow:  Anyone added to Wholesale segment receives email


For some reason, my customers are not being added to the Klaviyo segment. I used the back-populate flow command, and there are no time-delays.  Wondering if I’m missing something?  Is there a common issue here?


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Hi @hellocali,

Thanks for sharing this with the Klaviyo Community.

From what you are describing, it sounds like the issue is not that the users are not being added to the segment (they are), the issue is that the flow is not sending the email to the users in this segment?

If that assessment is correct, I recommend ensuring that when you backpopulate the flow, you are using the 2nd radio button to “Schedule Recipients Relative to When you Backpopulate the flow”. This will queue-up all users in the segment from the top of the flow. The other backpopulation option: “Schedule Relative to When the Recipient Was Added” requires a time-delay in order to work. For more information on both types of backpopulation, I recommend looking at our doc here.

Also ensure that your flow emails are in live mode when you are actioning the backpopulation and that there are no flow filters or trigger filters preventing users from entering the flow.

Thanks and please do let us know if this does not resolve the issue.