Date importing properly, yet merging date in the flow emails are reflecting one date earlier

  • 12 June 2024
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I have a flow created that are triggered by a profiles wedding date. Every email has the date merged into it as well so the user see their wedding date in the emails.

After I import users with weddings dates, their profiles show the correct date; however, the emails in the flow are showing a date one day earlier than the profile’s date in their account.

What I’ve checked:

SETTINGS: We are located in Ohio. My account settings reflect United States and Eastern Time Zone.

When I import the CSV file, i double check that the wedding date column is formatted as SHORT DATE with time. When mapping fields during the import process, I confirm I’m importing  the data as DATE tinto the DATE profile field.

When I contacted Klaviyo several times, they said to use 12:00:00 to my wedding date field. I have done that and Excel defaults to AM or PM and I can’t get rid of that.  I’ve tried both AM and PM and I’m getting the same incorrect date results.

Per Klaviyo’s suggestion, each email has the merged field code set as {{ person|lookup:'Wedding_Date'|default:''|format_date_string|date:'F d, o' }}

An exampled of the date I imported: 11/15/2025  12:00:00 AM

And how it shows in the user’s Profile after importing into Klaviyo:    2025-11-15T00:00:00Z

Yet the date shows in the emails as 11/14/2025. 

Any suggestions how to fix that ?


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Hey @JJbarbie! This is a formatting issue with the way you’re importing your dates. Klaviyo doesn’t accept timestamps with AM/PM designations (because it uses the 24-hour clock). If the hour, minute, or second, is not included in the event's datetime values, any empty data will default to 0. For example, a timestamp 2025-11-15 will be ingested as 2025-11-15T00:00:00.


When you import a date without a timestamp, a default time of midnight UTC is applied to the date when it is mapped to the date data type. This is what’s causing your flow to trigger a day early; 11/15/2025 at 12am Z (or UTC) is 11/14/2025 8:00pm ET. When you have a date with no associated timestamp to ingest, we recommend amending a timestamp of 12:00:00 for the best outcome in a date-property triggered flow.


In your example above, the imported date should be 2025-11-15T12:00:00Here’s a guide on how to format your sheet accordingly. Hope that helps :)


Thank you!  Your explanation helped and it worked. Excel didn’t have a date format that appears as we need, so I created my own formula to convert my date to add the T12:00:00 text to all dates.