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  • 13 August 2021
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I want to be able to let my site visitors choose their location/country from a drop-down list when they signup but at the minute I have to create a manual list and enter all 190+ countries as options.


You have a drop-down list with country under “Phone”, couldn’t you just take that exact piece of code, remove the extension information, and use that as a drop-down list for “Country”? It would save a huge amount of time, especially as you cannot clone a Signup Form across different lists, meaning you have to enter the same 190+ countries every time you create a form for a new List.

3 replies

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Hello @AdamMcA,

Thanks for sharing your feedback and experiencing with having to manually create a list of 190+ countries for a drop down option in a signup form. Also really appreciate the suggestion for transitioning an existing Klaviyo function to be used in this particular fashion. I’ll share this insightful idea to your Product Team to investigate this feature!

In addition, Klaviyo signup forms can actually be cloned as highlighted in the How to Create and Manage Signup Forms Help Center Article. Cloning a signup form will make a copy of the original signup form including the layout, format, fields, behavior settings, etc. Once cloned, you can also update the list that this signup form submit it’s subscribers to as described in the Change the List a Signup Form Submits to article. With this in mind, if you had already set up a signup form with a dropdown selection of 190+ countries, you can clone this form and update the list that the form submits to, to retain this dropdown option you have already built out. 

Thanks for being a Klaviyo Community member and providing your suggestions!


I can’t believe there is no option for country dropdown in forms. Seems like it would be a very easy fix that would add a lot more functionality.

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Hey @znicho,

Really appreciate your feedback and sentiments regarding including a country dropdown function within forms! Our Product Team is still exploring this idea and wi’ll provide an update here whenever one becomes available!

Have a great day!