Delete a profile via API

  • 22 February 2021
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Hey is there a way to delete a profile via an API call ?

i am able to unsubscribe the profile from the list but i still dont know how to delete the user profile. 

and the api page doesnt give me any information regarding that part. 



Best answer by Paul S 23 February 2021, 14:37

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Hi @Dikshit,


It is not currently possible to delete profiles via API at this moment which means this work will need to be handled manually in the account. Linking two articles from our help center in case others see this post and are not sure how to delete profiles.

How to Delete, Merge, and Export a Profile

How to Bulk Delete or Suppress Contacts in Klaviyo


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Hi there,

To add onto Paul’s answer, one way that you can streamline this process if you need to delete a large number of profiles programmatically is to create a list of profiles that you want to delete and add users to that list via API. You can then delete the users in that list via the UI, rather than deleting all of them individually.