Deleted accounts are recreated by virtue of delayed events

  • 31 January 2023
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We are having a horribly annoying issue when it comes to deleting accounts in compliance with GDPR requests. Requests to be deleted arrives to Zendesk, the support agent removes deletes the user from Klaviyo but then the user gets recreated because of delayed Zendesk events, like ticket resolution :/

Is there anyway around this or does the Klaviyo profile have to be redeleted at a later point in time to assure that no delayed Zendesk events messes things up.


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Hi @Henrik Sommerland,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

As long as the integration continues to sync events pertaining to the profile, there’s a chance the profile gets recreated. Have you tried deleting the profile in Zendesk after the GDPR delete in Klaviyo? That way Klaviyo would no longer be able to sync information pertaining to the profile and thus it would remain deleted on Klaviyo’s end.

I hope that’s helpful.