Deleting Property Values

  • 2 June 2022
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When I imported (synced) my Mailchimp contacts into Klaviyo, Klaviyo created many errors in the profile properties, especially for phone number and location information (city, state/region, country, zip code, latitude longitude). I spent considerable time populating a csv file to correct the errors and then imported the file into Klaviyo. The import successfully corrected errors that involved replacing one value (the incorrect one) with another. However, for those properties where I tried to delete the incorrect value (rather than replacing it with another value), it was unsuccessful – the incorrect value remained. In other words, in the imported csv file, there were some items for which I tried to replace an incorrect property value with a blank, but it didn’t work – the incorrect value was not replaced with a blank. How can I delete incorrect values from properties?


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Hey @KOG 

Once a property has been added to a profile, it can only be removed from the profile from the Klaviyo backend. I was able to see that you already have an open support ticket to have them help you remove the properties. Please let me know if you need any further assistance after our support team has reached out to you!


Hi Stephen. I’ve created a csv file containing the values that need to be deleted. I’ll wait to hear from the support team about my ticket. Thanks for your follow-up!