Different email confirmations for the same list

  • 3 February 2023
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Hi there, 

I am new to Klaviyo and have a question about the email confirmation process. I have heard it is advised to have just one list for you email subscribers so I am using just one list.

My strategy is to use 2 sign up forms for subscribing to my list.

  • One form where I will let the customer subscribe in return for an E-Book on my website
  • One form where I will let my customer subscribe in return for a 1-year warranty on my product they bought on Amazon

My question is, if it's possible to send these 2 different subscribers 2 different email confirmations, where they can confirm their email.

  • One where I give them the E-Book in the confirmation
  • One where I give them the warranty for their confirmation

Otherwise, if that's not possible. How do I create different welcome flows to these 2 different subscribers, where one will receive their E-Book in their welcoming email, and the other one will receive their warranty on their product in their welcoming email?

Thanks for helping out, and wishing you an amazing day!

Kind regards, Ivan


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Hi @Ivan ,

Welcome to the Community - thank you for the excellent question! 

I have two suggestions to offer here:

1. If you would like to keep both automated messages in one flow, this functionality can be best achieved by using a conditional split in your Welcome Series. This will allow you to send content to user based on which sign-up form they filled out. 

For this case, you will add 2 conditional splits based on the $consent_form_id property, which can be found under the “Properties about someone” configuration. As you may know, each sign-up form has a unique Form ID that is recorded in Klaviyo to tell us which form a user filled out when they were subscribed. 

To find the sign-up form’s ID, you can navigate to the form editor and take a look at it’s URL. The form ID will be a six-digit code at the end of the URL. 


After determining the Form ID’s for the two sign-up forms, you can create conditional splits that look something like this:

Here, you are sending two different automated messages to subscribers depending on which form they filled out. Put simply, this logic will check the Form ID associated with the submission, and if it is a match to either of these filters, that subscriber will receive the corresponding message below the split. And I have also added a third option in the above example in the event that you have users who have subscribed but should not be receiving either offer. 


2. Alternatively, if you would prefer to have two separate flows (1 for each of the sign-up type) you can create 2 list-triggered flows with the following flow filter:
Properties about someone > $consent_form_id, and select your form’s ID as the Dimension value. 

Note: If you do choose to create two separate list-triggered flows, it will also be important to exclude users who opted into the same list through a different form from receiving both flows. You can read more about how to do this in this guide: Delivering the right offer to subscribers


I hope this is helpful!

- Ashley Ismailovski

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Hi Ashley, 

Thank you so much for explaining this in detail to me! I have made the flows. 

Just one more question: Is it also possible to create 2 different ‘email confirmation pages’ in the subscribe & preference pages for the same list?

Kind regards, Ivan

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Hi @Ivan ,

Glad the details I shared here were helpful in setting up your flow!

For customizing the email confirmation pages (not the confirmation emails themselves) I found this guide that might be helpful for your case: Getting started with consent pages. Here, I would like to first call your attention to the Customize consent pages for a specific list section. In reviewing the information here, it appears that it will only be possible to display 1 email confirmation page per list. 

Per your original inquiry, I understand that what you would like to do is show new subscribers different content on the confirmation page based on which sign-up form they registered for. With the original solution I provided, you can show both groups the same on-site confirmation page that says something to the extent of “Check your inbox for your confirmation”, and then use the flow you set up to deliver the PDF or warranty details via the first automated email in the flow. 

You also noted in your post that you have read that it is ideal to only have 1 list of email subscribers. While this is generally the case, there is a great thread posted to the Community here that discusses where using multiple lists might be beneficial:


If you don’t envision emailing these two groups of users together in the future, you may choose to setup two separate lists for these users instead. 

If you do create two separate lists but have a need to send a campaign to both groups of users, you can instead send to a segment - which is the very best practice for email campaigns :) In this segment, you can create a definition which would include any users in List A and List B. Or alternatively, you can define the segment by adding both form sources to the definition (per the above linked thread). 


Let me know if you have any further questions on any of the options I outlined above!

- Ashley Ismailovski

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Hi Ahsley, 

Thank you once again for the detailed answer. This helps me a ton on my journey of email marketing. 
For now I know enough and will take action on your advice.

Have a great day.

Kind regards, Ivan

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@Ivan ,

Happy to help! Thanks again for posting your question to the Community. 

Enjoy your day!