Difficulty creating a preferences segment.

  • 22 July 2021
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Either everyone qualifies, or no one qualifies.

On signup they can click on their preferences which adds
a custom property to their profile - receiving emails twice a week, one a week, or once a month.
The other option is to choose the content they wish to receive: sales and promotions, new products, blog posts.

I'm trying to create a segment of people in the main emailing list
who haven't let us know how frequently they want to receive emails
or the type of emails.

If I create the segment saying “Is not set” or contains “xxx” (listing all the possible choices) it’s either empty, or full. Trying to figure out how I can send an email or target the people who haven’t yet updated their preferences as it’s important to me to improve our open rates (which are slipping).


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Hello @Michael,

Thank you for sharing this question with the Community.

You will need to change the data type for “Email preferences” from “list” to “text”. That will allow you to select the option “is not set” for this custom property. Everything else looks good! So the final definition you’ll have is:

In list > Popup sign-up list AND email frequency is not set (text data type) AND email preferences > is not set (text data type).

That will isolate everything who is a part of this list but has not yet set their preferences at all for either of these categories.

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Hi DD,

Thank you so much for such a quick answer! I’ve changed that now, so thanks!