Direct manage_preferences_link to list specific preference center from a metric triggered flow

  • 19 February 2024
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Hi there,

I’ve not seen the below documented anywhere and am wondering if it’s possible to achieve (it feels logically like it should be).

We’re working with a client on a particular metric driven flow; the client has multiple lists.

For various reasons, we’d like to point the manage_preferences_link from this particular flow to a list-specific preference center rather than the overall generic one.

There is a conditional split in the flow so we know 100% the user has to be on this particular list to receive the email with the preference center link (otherwise they receive a different email).

But, I can’t figure out how then to link the user to the list-specific preference center rather than the generic default preference center.

I’m thinking surely this must be possible - are there extra parameters I can add to the manage_preferences_link to pass the list name somehow to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,







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3 replies

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Hey @jon.smartebusiness


If the email is being sent either through a metric or segment triggered flow, through a campaign with multiple recipient groups (lists and/or segments), or to a segment, users will be taken to your account default’s consent pages. This includes the account default manage preference page. On the other hand, if your email was sent through a list triggered flow or a campaign sent to a a singular specific list, they’ll be taken to your list specific consent pages. 


You can update the default Preference page by going into Settings > Other > Preferences page.


Hope that helpful :)



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Hi @kaila.lawrence 

Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately that doesn’t answer my question. 

I understand the default behaviour of the manage_preferences_link value - what I’m asking/suggesting is there should be a way to force this to link to a list-specific preference page if needed (from any flow/campaign type) rather than just reverting to the default, something like:

{{ manage_preferences_link|list_id:’xxxxx’ }}

But sounds like that functionality doesn’t exist; is there somewhere I could log this as a suggestion perhaps for future development?



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Oops, sorry I wasn’t clear @jon.smartebusiness! I was trying to explain the situations in which the preference page defaults to the account level. In your example, that includes the metric-triggered flow you’re working with. Ergo, no, there is no way to change that behavior. Your workarounds are to either change the flow type or to customize the default preference page the way you want.


Heard, though, and I can submit this feature request for you! Thanks :)