Discount (Sign Up) Popup when Customer leaves Cart

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I have tested this popup, and it works, but…….

Issue is the list “confirmation email” needs to be different for this specific Sign Up Form. 

Two unique list email confirmation is not a thing from what I can tell.

What I Want:

  1. Customer adds to their cart
  2. Views cart
  3. Navigates away from cart and this triggers the popup that says “want a discount right now?”  email field.  Where should I send coupon? button says “send me my coupon”.  (list is double Opt in)
  4. Confirmation Email subject is “Here is your coupon”.  Email has the coupon as promised and underneath is a an offer to Subscribe to the newsletter and reasons why etc.  If you are interested, hit subscribe, if you are not, enjoy the coupon and delete this email etc.   Button says subscribe.  
  5. They buy with a discount. Popup converted!
  6. If they subscribe it is a bonus.  It also means they did not subscribe for the discount and will not unsubscribe the very next email.
  7. If they do not click Subscribe button and delete the email,  they are actually not confirming their subscription and we both win.   I have not added them to a list they did not consent to be on.  Seems devious I know, but I do not know how else to accomplish this.

I could create another list, but that creates soooooooooo much more work with flows etc etc.

I am not with Shopify.


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Hi @Uncarved Block 

If I understand your intentions correctly, I’d seperate the double opt-in and the discount offer. That will simplifiy things: you’ll have one master list rather than multiple ones, and you’re not interrupting their purchase intention (by having to look for the discount email).

So in your cart exit pop-up, show the discount code as the step after submission and tell them to check their email to confirm their subscription/reasons why etc

I think that achieves what you want but a smoother purchasing journey and one list.

Either way, a general consideration is who will see the pop-up, It doesn’t make sense for it to appear to a contact who has already redeemed that discount (if it’s single use per customer) . And if they are already in the list associated with the pop-up (previously confirmed subscription), they won’t get the double opt-in email. You may have thought of that already, but worth mentioning! 



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 That seems like a better solution.  Main goal is too convert the sale, but if they choose to subscribe that would be a bonus too!   Popup will be targeted to the non-subscribed.





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However, the confirmation email will be a bit tricky addressing both methods of subscribing.