Do existing subscribers have to go through the all sign up/subscribe sequence again?

  • 18 April 2021
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I want to run a giveaway with a subscribe form to build my email list.

But I would also like my existing newsletter subscribers to have the chance to enter the giveaway. 

Is there a way where existing subscribers can enter without having to confirm email etc… all over again?  



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4 replies

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Hello @eceaux,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

Yes! There are a few different solutions depending on how you plan to reach out to these profiles.

If your plan is to simply send them a campaign, you can add the Newsletter Subscriber list to the campaign send in addition to the subscriber list for the giveaway (which I presume is being tracked in a separate list).

Otherwise, if you want to send the giveaway email via a flow, the solution is to move these users from one list to another. That would be achieved by exporting the Newsletter list and re-importing it into your Giveaway list. This will consolidate everyone into a single list. To clarify, the original members of your Newsletter list will still remain in the Newsletter, they would just also now exist in the Giveaway list. 

When you are ready to send the flow email based on your updated Giveaway list, you backpopulate the flow using the 2nd radio button, “schedule recipients relative to when I click the backpopulate button”. That action will queue-up everyone currently in your list from the top of the flow and they will work their way down through the flow.

Thanks and have a great day.

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Hi DD,

thank you for that - very useful.  But my question is this:  when you create a signup or subscribe form, it automatically asks the visitor to enter (at least) their email address.  My existing subscribers have already filled that bit in, so i don’t want them to have to confirm their email address and the sequence that follows. How can i do that?

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Hi @eceaux,

Thanks for your reply.

Klaviyo cannot predicate an opt-in email send based on if a user is already a part of another list or not. Opt-in settings are either on or off for the list. However, there are a couple of other solutions.

The first solution is to disable double opt-in for the list entirely. For example, create a new list (Giveaway list), disable double opt-in for that list and add a pop-up or fly-out form to submit to that list.

If you do not want to disable double opt-in for this list, the another solution involves adding a button to an existing email that logs a custom property for that user. That solution would go something like the following: you configure a button on a campaign send to your Newsletter list with an option to sign-up for the giveaway. The user clicks the button which logs a custom property of “Yes”, I want to be a part of this giveaway. You create a segment based on that property: “properties about someone > a part of the giveaway = yes”, and you export this segment of folks and re-import them into your Giveaway list.

Thanks and have a great day.

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Totally makes sense!!  thank you for all your help. Cheers, Anne