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  • 4 May 2023
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Hi there!

I’m hoping someone can shed some light into an odd behaviour I’m seeing.

Adding subscribers to a list using the /profile-subscription-bulk-create-jobs endpoint is working partially if we make the request on a machine locally or an AWS lambda, but not on a long running node server hosted on heroku.

By partially I mean that we get the 202 acknowledgement, but do not see any double opt-in confirmation emails issued.

If I supply a profile id which should have had a double opt in email sent, would it be possible to confirm whether the IP address matching the API request was indeed blocked?





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Hello @rollout,

Welcome back to the Klaviyo Community!

Seems like this behavior you’re experiencing is due to our automated list bombing prevention function

Myself and others have spoken about this previously in some past Community posts which I’ve included below:

It currently is not possible to see if an IP address has been blocked per our list bombing prevention system. This is to prevent malicious actors from identifying when the safeguard has been activated. 

I hope this helps!