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  • 22 August 2022
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Hi there 

I am working on my Preference pages. 

I know that I have to do it under each list, but if I send to a Segment (see picture) then the Preference page for a list is not used. 

Do I need to ad the list the campaign and the the segement? to make sure that the right Peference page is used?





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3 replies

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Hi @Erik-Gilpa,

Thanks for sharing with the Community.

If you were not using hosted pages, the main Preferences Pages tab in the left sidebar of your account would be the default email forms used in the following cases:

  • Emails sent to segments
  • Flows triggered by an event
  • Emails sent to multiple lists and/or segments

When emails are sent to subscriber lists, however, the default email forms are not used. This is because there are unique forms connected to specific lists, so additional customization can be done within the Subscribe & Preference pages section of a given list.    

Additional Resource for Reference:

Any email that is sending to a specific list (and only a specific list) will only display the preference page associated with that list.
However, you can change the list-specific preference page to match the global preferences page by editing the subscribe page for the list. Changes made to the subscribe page for the list will be reflected in the list-specific preference page.
Each List has the option to edit their own Preference pages and can be done by going into the Subscribe and Preference Pages for that list:

Hope that helped,


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Hi @alex.hong 


Thank you for your answer. 


I not quite sure I understand it correct. 

I.e. I send a campaign yesterday to the segment on the picture. 

The preference page for this e-mail is the preference from the menu on the left side?


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Hi @Erik-Gilpa,

If you are sending to a segment the main Preferences Pages tab in the left sidebar of your account.