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  • 25 June 2023
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For a bit of background: 
I'm in the process of setting up / creating my Newsletter to send weekly emails to my customers.

And I'm running into a problem.
In the details of my customers' profiles: Some of them have the status "Email Never Subscribed" (Provided an email without opting for email marketing) but also the Custom property "Accepts Marketing" set to true.

So I have two questions: 

  1. What parameter should I rely on to send my newsletter to the right people? 
  2. And how can I define a segment that includes these customers?

Thanks in advance for your help,
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Hi @Lois Anq 

"Accepts Marketing" is a Shopify property that is set to "true" when a person opts-in to marketing on your Shopify store. If you have not enabled syncing of that Shopify data to a Klaviyo list (your newsletter list) then that person will show in Klaviyo as "Accepts marketing" = "true" and "Email" = "never subscribed" (unless they have also subscribed via a Klaviyo form).

To get a single source of truth for opt-ins, you should enabing syncing between Shopify and Klaviyo and then use your Klaviyo list. To do that, head to Klaviyo Integration >> Shopify >>  View Settings >> Sync data from Shopify, then select your newsletter list (see image below).

That will only sync new Shopify opt-ins after enabling so if you have historical "Accepts Marketing" contacts in Shopify you will have to  update those contacts in your Klaviyo newsletter list. To do that, follow the instructions here: and import into your newsletter list. That guide is for removing email suppressions in bulk, but the principle is the same. Just make sure you select “Yes, update subscription status for all imported contacts to 'subscribed'”.

Or an easier option to include historical "Accepts Marketing" contacts is to create a newsletter *segment* in Klaviyo that includes "Is in [your newsletter] list" OR "Accepts marketing = true"

Hope that helps