Email Verification/Validation Software?

  • 28 February 2023
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Hello Klaviyo Community! 


Does anyone have experience and/or feedback you can share on email verification solutions? For brands that are still using single opt-in, I need a solution to clean and remove typos, spam traps and other risky addresses.  I’ve used Neverbounce in the past, but I know there are several options such as Zerobounce, Kickbox, Debounce, etc. 

Can you please share any experience and/or recommendations for the best solution? 


Thanks in advance! 



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7 replies

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Hi @Adam Ragsdale


Welcome to the Community! Great question! 


From this thread, we recommend Kickbox to handle email verification solutions, however, I’d love to open this discussion to our Champions, who are partners as well! 


@retention@Bobi N.@ebusiness pros - any experience with any three of these options? Would love to hear it! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hi @Adam Ragsdale!

This is a topic I’ve personally gotten very interested in the past year. It’s remarkable how significantly the deliverability (and then engagement) for our client’s emails have improved after we started validating their email lists, and then cleaning the lists based on what we learn.

Lately we’ve been using a tool called Emailable. We like it for the simple credit purchase process, which our clients can then approve to have added to their billing as needed.


I appreciate how their data exports give me an email status, and for those flagged as “risky” the email score (#) also comes in really handy.

It’s now become standard process when we’re migrating clients to Klaviyo, or bulk importing new optins from things like giveaways. If you have an existing list you want to validate, that’s also great. 

Emailable has some nice other features like identifying gender, when they can, and suggesting likely email addresses for those found containing typos, or incomplete email addresses. They also can provide first and last names for some people if you don’t already have it. So then I get to make the database in Klaviyo more robust overall, which I’m always a fan of. 🤓


Deliverability has made its way onto the shortlist of things I’m obsessing over for our clients this year. I’m curious what your experience with Neverbounce was.


Why did you use it? Why did you stop using it?




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@Adam Ragsdale @Taylor Tarpley 

Sorry but honestly I have no info on this topic.. none of our clients have deliverability issue so we never had a need for something like this..

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Thanks @ebusiness pros and @Bobi N. for your responses! 

Gabrielle - thank you for the detailed review of Emailable. I will most certainly request a demo and include it in my consideration. RE: Neverbounce - it was a few years ago, a particular (B2B) brand I was working for had an account and it was part of our process. It seemed to adequately validate or clean email addresses for our purposes, but I don’t have alternate experience to which to compare it. 

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You’re very welcome @Adam Ragsdale!

I look forward to hearing what your thoughts on Emailable are, if you’re willing to circle back on this thread and let me know after you’ve tested it. And thanks for sharing your experience with Neverbounce! It’s helpful to have that context. 

I believe a few years ago my agency also used a tool called to verify emails, and if I remember correctly, Emailable bought them… I’m always curious to learn if there are better versions of the tools I’m already using.

~ Gabrielle 

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Hi all,

I'm looking for an email verification solution as well.

However, I'm more keen on finding a way to prevent people from entering their email addresses with misspellings in the first place, when they're filling out our lead form or making a purchase.

For instance, it's crazy how many times "” is entered incorrectly on a weekly basis. It's very silly and should be an easily preventable mistake.

I've already added a disclaimer on our lead forms stating "check spelling before submitting”. But it keeps happening.

Any advice please? 😇

P.S. I see Emailable has a real-time email validation widget, which is basically what I'm after I think. Any other idea/recommendation?

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@Diane I’d highly encourage you to try Emailable! I haven’t tested their real-time email validation tool yet, but I suspect it’s a great place for you to start with your use case.


Feel free to come back and share your experiences… I’d be curious to hear how you like that part of the tool!