Embed the preference page on website?

  • 29 August 2022
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Hi All, I would like to use the Preference Center to enrich profile information. If technically possible, I would like to embed it on a page on my website. 
Can anyone tell me whether and how I can do this?



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Hi @bitmap,

To be clear, customers do not have preference pages. Lists have preference pages, and you do have a global preferences page for your account. 

When you send a list a campaign, and the customer clicks through a link that is hyperlinked with the variable {% manage_preferences %} then they will go that list's preference page. 

For you to access and edit that preference page, you would go to the list in Klaviyo and click 'Subscribe & Preference Pages', and then click into 'Preferences', as shown in the GIF below. 


When you send a campaign to a segment, the {% manage_preferences %} variable will take the customer to your global preferences page. The GIF below shows how to access your global preferences page. 


All that being said, at this time, the only way to embed a preference page on your website is to utilize a custom hosted preference page. This feature does require knowledge of coding to create and place a custom preference page on your website. You can read more about custom hosted pages within our Create a Custom Preference Page help doc

To use a custom hosted preference page, you would have to go to Accounts > Domains and Hosting and enable custom pages, as outlined in our How to Enable Hosted Pages doc.

An alternative solution, and perhaps the easiest, would be to create an embedded signup form within Klaviyo and then embed that onto a page. In a signup form, you can create multiple text input fields and assign each to a profile property, as well as create radio buttons and checkboxes. You can collect your customer's preference this way quite easily. 

Another option would be to use the Subscribe page of one of your lists. 


This page contains all of the functionality of a preference page, including text input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdowns. And you can embed this page on your site following our Embed a Full Subscribe Page on Your Website guide


Hope that helped,


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Hi @alex.hong 

Thank you for your detailed answer.

Is there an idea to call up the user's preference page directly in a html mail that he receives from Klaviyo, so that he can enter the information directly in the mail? 

Thank you,


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Hi @bitmap,

No problem. I think if you want to embed a form that can interact with you would need to find a custom solution. Unfortunately, it's not possible to host a signup form within an email. You will need to embed a form or use a popup/flyout on your site, and link to that specific page in order for customers to fill out the form and fill preferences.


Thank you,