Enrich profiles by click behavior

  • 4 January 2021
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At the moment I do not have a lot of data from my customers, so what I wanted to do is the following: 

update customer profiles based on clicking behavior.


If I send two types of emails, for example: product based and information based and a person clicks trough 6 out of 10 times on a product mail, I want to classify this person as “interested in products”. 


Does anyone know how to do this? Looking forward to any possibility!





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3 replies

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It might be better to build that out as a segment vs enriching the profile. Most of the profile enrichment data is for demographics vs engagement. For example, asking users gender, name, interests, etc.


All user behavior is tracked and you can easily build out segments to target these users who click multiple times

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I wanted to create two customer fields:

  • product_lover
  • content_lover

And then use some kind of method to update this field. I used to do this in flows in other programs > if person clicked more than 5 times (lifetime or any other period) on a product, then product_lover = yes, otherwise it’s no. 

Earlier, i tried to create a segment, but i couldnt find any way to seperate product clickers from content clickers. I hoped to be able to use UTM, but this does not seem to be working. 

Any experience with this?

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In regards to tracking the different types of clicking activity. You can add a custom UTM parameter to attribute the different forms of content. Maybe utm_content or something along those lines

Again might be a bit easier to do on segments vs customer fields. Here’s how that can look