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  • 17 February 2023
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We have our eBay store connected to our Shopify site, which gets all the customer information, including the email address. Is there a way to automatically suppress any customers from eBay on Klaviyo? As we do not want to email them and also do not want to manually have to remove the profiles each day.




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2 replies

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Hello @NicoleB,

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Customers/profiles can only be automatically suppressed through two methods: your customer/contact unsubscribes or you have an API in place that suppresses them. For the API method, you’ll want to leverage our suppress profiles endpoint mentioned in our Developer Portal

I’m not familiar with the connection between eBay and Shopify, but I know some integrations will allow you to customize the data that gets synced between each other. This may be an avenue to investigate to stem the flow of those unwanted contacts since Shopify will sync all profiles to Klaviyo. 

I hope this helps!


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Hi @NicoleB, just to add a bit of a workaround here - @David To is absolutely right that formally “Suppressing” a Profile in Klaviyo can only be done via the API or through another tool that works with the API.

However, a practical way to do this to avoid sending emails to your eBay customers is to build a Segment that excludes them as sort of self imposed “Do Not Send” audience.  Are there any patterns that eBay provides for their anonymized proxy email addresses?  If you can determine one, you can create the Segment and exclude them in all your Campaigns or inversely, you can created a Segment that you *can* send emails to that excludes them as part of that Segment.

Then you can simply delete those Profiles periodically (instead of daily) and be assured they won’t receive Campaign emails.

You can see this thread about Amazon customers which I imagine might apply to your scenario with eBay:

Hope this helps!