Facebook lead gen: adding emails to main list

  • 31 January 2023
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I have a client who is in Canada and segments their list based on a Profile property Language = en or Language = fr. 

If we use Facebook lead gen ads to synch new emails to their main Newsletter list, is there a way for us to capture data from facebook Facebook to automatically add with the Language property setting based on the ad or form used to capture the lead?


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3 replies

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Hi @KrisDaria,

Thanks for sharing this question with us and welcome to the community! We’re so glad you’re here.

Yes, this is completely possible. If you trigger the flow off of the “Filled Out Lead Ad” metric, and specify a filter for the AdID, you can use an Update Profile Property Action block in the flow to create the same property and assign it to users who enter the flow. i.e. Language = en or Language = fr. I recommend setting up two separate flows, one for each lead ad id.

The example below shows a flow triggered by the Filled Out Lead Ad metric with a filter for the AdId. The only difference is you’d simply add in the “add profile property block” in place of the email and the time delay so the profile property update happens immediately after filling the lead ad.

Flow in Klaviyo flow builder triggered by Filled Out Lead Ad

I hope that’s helpful.

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Super! Thanks! I was already playing around with a flow triggered by a segment, but I think this will be more instantaneous!

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Hi @KrisDaria,

Yes I recommend this strategy over the segment-triggered strategy for exactly that reason.

Glad this was helpful - thanks for being a community member.