Finding unengaged general engagement profiles

  • 28 November 2022
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I’m having a nightmare trying to get the right definitions for an unengaged general engagement profiles. To clarify, these are profiles that aren’t subscribed to our list but have been active on site/placed an order with us.

I’d like to create a segment of profiles that haven’t received, opened or clicked on an email from us for 400 days or more, haven’t been active on site for 400 days or more, and haven’t placed an order with us for 400 days or more.

However I set the definitions, I seem to get profiles in there that have had an email from us in the last year or have placed an order with us in the last year. 

I’m obviously missing something crucial so if someone could spell it out to me it’d be much appreciated!


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3 replies

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Hey @emilyrivers 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community and congrats on your first post! Thanks for asking about segment conditions!

Often times the problem is AND vs OR with your conditions. 

It sounds like you want a profile to meet all the conditions in your initial post not just some, so any ORs you have may need to be changed to AND. Also I would double check the metrics you are using to make sure you are targeting the correct audience, e.g. Placed Order instead of Fulfilled Order.

Hope this helps!

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Hey @stephen.trumble 

Thanks for your reply :) this is exactly what I want, however I am using the AND condition so no idea what I’m doing wrong! Perhaps this is one for the support team as I might need to troubleshoot!

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Hey @emilyrivers 

Can you share a screenshot of the segment conditions from inside your Klaviyo account? We can take a peek and see what’s going on! also can you share a screenshot with an example of a profile that shouldn't be in the segment?