Flow isn't sending when someone joins the segment (trigger)

  • 12 December 2022
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I have 2 flows. 

In flow 1, we ask for a 1-5 star NPS rating. If someone clicks 1-3 stars, they enter a segment “Property about someone, NPS Rating is less than 4”. 


Once someone enters this segment (I’ve confirmed that they are indeed in the segment after clicking any star 1-3) they should trigger flow 2. 

Except this flow never gets sent, despite entering the segment.

I’ve made sure all my definitions are correct and the the right definitions are paired with the right flow. I’ve also turned off smart sending for each flow.

This is an ongoing issue for me. Klaviyo seems to be extremely buggy and unreliable. 


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2 replies

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I personally am using Klaviyo for over 3 years now and i never had a problem where they didn’t send an email that was supposed to go out.. I would assume your setup is not right and that is why it is not sending out.

With segments the tricky part is people not to be in the segment already. So for example you created the segment and created the flow, and not sure how you created the segment with definitions but Flow triggered with Segment only triggers for people who automatically (by doing something) enter the Segment.

If people were already in the segment (in this case possibly people who left this rating before) they won’t be able to trigger the flow because they are already in it and the trigger for a flow is when someone enters a segment automatically. 

Btw I’m just assuming what the problem may be here since I don’t see your whole setup, but from my previous experience where people make mistakes this is usually it..

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Hey @StevensCopy, welcome to the community.


I’m with @Bobi N., I’m thinking there might be something off with the set up vs Klaviyo being buggy.


It can be hard to see what’s going on by describing it, if you could send screenshot or Loom walkthrough of the set up, that my provide more context.