Getting a blank page when I try to create a new list

  • 20 July 2021
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I’m trying to upload a ,CSV file of email addresses to create a new list. I’ve done this four or five times before as we attempt to grow our email address list.


I can navigate to the “Lists & Segments > Create” page, but when I click on the left hand box that says “List”, Klaviyo just takes me to a blank page! 


I have rebooted the computer, cleared the cache, logged out, restarted Safari, and even tried from a different computer. Nothing works.


At this point, Klaviyo is unusable to me since I can’t even access my lists of hundreds of names.


What am I doing wrong? Please help!


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Thank you for sharing this with the Klaviyo Community. Let’s get you back on the right track!

I would first confirm you're using the most updated version of your browser and check for any ad blockers, plugins, or extensions added to the Safari browser. We've seen some extensions and plugins prohibit some of our pages from loading. If a plug-in is activated in both Safari browsers (on both computers) that same plug-in may be causing the issue in both cases. To test this, I recommend logging in and navigating to the list creation page from a different browser and/or de-activating the plug-ins in each Safari browser.

Also, if you have any active firewalls - that could be blocking Klaviyo from loading, I would try again after disabling the firewall. Also de-activate any active VPNs you may be using.

If you are still having trouble after running through these additional steps, can you upload a screenshot of the page you’re being re-directed to?

Thanks for being a member of the Community.