Heap Integration with Klaviyo

  • 21 November 2022
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Given how granular the segments you can create in Klaviyo can be.. just how much can the Heap intergration add. If you are using the integration what use cases do you have in place?



2 replies

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Hi @SeanMcC and welcome back to the Community!


Although Klaviyo doesn’t have a pre-made integration with Heap that is documented on our end, I did find this on their help center article about the integration:

  • Automatically capture interesting moments from Klaviyo as events in Heap
  • Send data into Klaviyo as a List and continually update the List based on criteria defined in Heap
  • Incorporate the granular user behavioral data available from Heap into marketing campaigns without additional engineering effort. Campaigns can be more effectively personalized to better drive critical product and business outcomes, like activation, trial conversion, and retention.


These seem to be the intended use cases for the integration, and the link also describes how to set it up. Perhaps other Community members will reply with their own experience/innovations using the integration. 


I hope this helps, and thanks for using the Community!


- Brian

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Thanks for that.

Yes I noticed that there was an integration noted in last update. However I wonder how much more segmentation it can give or is this really only necessary in sites with huge traffic and a CRO team looking for marginal gains?