How are profiles moved between lists and segments?

  • 17 October 2022
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I am just brushing up on my Klaviyo knowledge and while looking through my flows etc I wanted to ask.

How is a profile moved between lists and segments, Or are they not?

Example: If a new customer signs up to a list via my website, they are on the ‘New sign up list’. If they then take an action ‘Buy or not buy’ they will be moved to the segments ‘bought flow’ or ‘sunset’

When moved to the new segment, are they then automatically taken off the original sign up list?

Hope that makes sense ?


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3 replies

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Segments won’t remove them from lists, they’ll exist alongside your lists as ever changing based on your rules you set for it but your lists will remain mostly static except for new subscribers/unsubscribes.


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Hi there @Funky2021


Happy to hear your brushing up on your Klaviyo knowledge in time for BFCM! Happy to help clarify things!


As @Spark Bridge Digital LLC  mentioned, - No, if a customer is moved between segments depending on their customer activity or profile properties, that does not impact what lists they are in. Essentially, the best way to explain  the difference between lists and segments is that a List is a static grouping that a customer has to opt-in into and then are only removed by either you or them manually removing themself from the list. This is why we greatly encourage  list cleaning as a profile could opt in to your list years ago, stay in your list, but not engage with your marketing at all and impact your deliverability negatively. However, a segment is a dynamic grouping of individuals based on the segment conditions you create, and a user has to meet these conditions in order to be brought in and stay in a group. 


Additionally, I’d check out these Community posts and Academy courses to gain more understanding! 


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Thanks guys