How can a profile that bounced also open a campaign?

  • 25 November 2020
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I was following the instructions on the topic “List Cleaning” and there was the suggestion to create a segment of soft bounces (ex. 4 soft bounces all time), for further suppression.


I noticed that one of the contacts had 4 bounces, but also had opened the very same campaigns. How can that be? I got confused…

I seems that the suggestion to suppress those profiles would not be a good idea. The profile I examined, after all, did open the campaigns.


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4 replies

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Hey there! 

Happy to hear that you found our list cleaning resources helpful! There are two types of bounces that effect profiles in Klaviyo:

  • A hard bounce meaning the email address was invalid in some way or an error occurred with the server so the message was unable to be delivered. Invalid emails are common causes of hard bounces. An example of an email that would hard bounce could be 
  • A soft bounce which occurs due to a more temporary reason, like the recipient’s inbox being full

Klaviyo will automatically suppress a profile that hard bounces but will only suppress a profile that soft bounces after 7 consecutive soft bounces. In this case, it sounds like this profile may have soft bounced a few times since they were later opening emails. You mentioned that this person already bounced 4 times. If their profile soft bounces 3 more times in a row, they will become automatically suppressed in your account. 

When you regularly email profiles that tend to bounce a lot, this can start to impact your deliverability or your likelihood of hitting the inbox. Inbox providers monitor brands sending practices and watch out for indicators like whether message recipients open emails and if a brand’s emails frequently bounce. If these soft bounces occur often, it’s recommended to clean these profiles from your account to prevent future inbox placement issues. 

If you’re curious about how to monitor key deliverability metrics, we provide this chart on our help center:


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Hi Shoshana,


Thanks a lot for the answer.

In the case I mentioned, the user had a soft bounce, but for each one, he ended up opening that very same email. 

Will that lead him for a supression if that happens 7 times, even when he opens emails?

Below, a printscreen of his last activities.


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Thanks for this screenshot! Very helpful for me to see the whole picture!

After a profile opens an email, the 7 soft bounce rule will reset. A profile would have to receive 7 emails from you in a row, soft bounce on all of them, and never open any of them, in order for Klaviyo to automatically suppress their email. In the case of this customer, they’re not at the point yet where they meet the 7 consecutive soft bounces in order to be suppressed. Let me know if this helps!

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Thank you, Shoshana! Really helped :blush: