How can I automatically remove profiles that don't accept Marketing?

  • 26 August 2021
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All my Shopify clients are added to Klaviyo, even those that don’t accept Marketing e-mails


How can I disable this? :)


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@notthatcreative - As you noted, Klaviyo creates profiles for every customer in Shopify so that they can append behavior events to the Profile (even when they’re not subscribed).  In the event those Profiles subscribe in the future, you’ll have all the data to create relevant Segments or Flow, and to send Transactional Emails if they apply.

If you want to remove those profiles, you can create a Segment of those that do not accept Marketing and delete them from Klaviyo.  Although it’s not automatic, you can do this periodically.  

Here’s instructions on how to do that:

However, I highly recommend you keep those profiles so you have a good set of 1st party data for use in the future!

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Hey @notthatcreative 

Just to expand on @retention’s response, you can also do a List Cleaning . Completing a list cleaning periodically helps you maintain strong deliverability and making sure your emails land in recipients' inboxes. List cleaning allows you too identify unengaged profiles from your account and suppress these unengaged profiles. Like @retention also said, I would also highly recommend  keeping these profiles so you have all of the data from these users for future use! 

Thank you for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!

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We have a number of marketplace customers which we are obviously unable to market to however this lifts the number of profiles to our account. Can this be submitted as a feature request where you can automatically disable customer groups / segments without requiring to put them into an email flow?



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I wonder why a company that makes money by the profile doesn’t allow you to automatically delete profiles like every other email platform I’ve ever worked on