How can I create a segment where it tells me which users have not confirmed the double opt-in?

  • 27 July 2023
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Since Klaviyo has set ‘Double Opt-In’ as default to our existing lists. It has dropped our open and click rate. And has also created bad user experience since they are not receiving emails they susbcribed to. Our audience is mostly senior 60+ age group and are not tech-savy.

Here, I’d like to figure out which users have confirmed and not confirmed the double opt-in to understand how adversely it’s affecting us.

If anyone know which parameters I can use to create this segment, please let me know.




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7 replies

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Hi @Sanket thanks for posting in the Klaviyo community. I understand your frustration - did you know that you can enable single opt in for your list? Going forward, this will subscribe folks without having to confirm. 


This is what happens when someone does not confirm opt in: Klaviyo creates a blank profile for that person and they are not added to any list. 


Theoretically, you could create a segment of profiles for people who are not subscribed to a list and many of those will be the folks who didn’t confirm double opt-in. Perhaps some of my fellow Champions may have different recommendations? @In the Inbox @ebusiness pros @Omar @Gabrielle.ebusinesspros 

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Hi @Sanket 

@KatherineB is spot on. If a contact does not actively verify their email when subscribing to a list that requires a double opt-in, then the will be added as a new profile in Klaviyo, but not added to the designated list from the sign-up form. There name, email, and some of those initial data points will be saved, but my guess is their email status will be “Never Subscribed,” and they won’t be added to the list. 

In terms of your current set up, make sure you have messaging on the thank you page of the sign up process to direct people to look for the email to verify their subscription. Often times, people don’t realize they need to verify their email and that message ends up getting buried in their inbox.

While the contact may not have subscribed to a specific list, once they are cookied, they can be sent the activity messages such as Cart Abandon, Browse Abandon, etc. However, depending on location, you’ll want to verify the rules for implicit vs. explicit consent for mailing.

If that is the case, you might be able to create a Hide/Show block specific to people who have not subscribed to your primary list of these messages to encourage users sign up for promotions. In as many places as possible, you’d want to direct people to check their inbox to verify there email address. 


@In the Inbox 

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Thanks for your comments! I have gone through the shared articles. And did already changed the opt-in setting to single opt-in.


However, it doesn’t solve what I’m trying to achieve.

The users who didn’t confirm the double opt-in are still the part to the list they were added to; although their email subscription status is ‘Never Subscribed’. How do I segment such users, who ‘never subscribed’?

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@Sanket If you create a segment of people who have never subscribed to a list and are not suppressed for email, this will include people who did not confirm double opt in.


The caveat, however, is that this segment may also include bots. Let me know if that works for you!



Hi All,


Sort of connected to this topic so allow me to ask the experts…

I just realized that practically half of the Profiles (people) who signed up on my website have the mark “never subscribed”.

That must be because of the double opt in feature so they did fill in the sign up form and pushed the button but never opened the email to confirm their subscription.


Is there a way to reach out to those people and remind them to finish their sign up process or they’ll miss out the newsletters?

Or simply manually add them to my “newsletter” segment (I guess they did want to sign up just never confirmed). In fact, my sign up discount is sent out after the subsciption was confirmed so they miss that too (I already got complaints that “I never received the discount code”).

How common is this (in percentage for instance) that people think they finished their sign up by submitting the form and never opening the confirmation email? I understand the recommended feature is the double opt-in but I don’t want my customers to miss things just because they forgot to open the confirmation email.




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Hey @Sol Deli,

I wouldn’t attribute all profiles who are marked as “never subscribed” specifically as users who never confirmed their subscription. 

Although this would attribute to some of those profiles, there other ways profiles end up in your Klaviyo account marked as “never subscribed”. The example we gave in our Understanding consent in profiles Help Center article is of a customer that provided their information when starting a checkout without opting in to email marketing. This customer would have a consent status of Never Subscribed.

Furthermore, we only recommend reaching out to profiles with express consent to protect both your deliverability and sender reputation. 

Even if all your profiles truly were contacts that signed up but never confirmed their subscription, I personally wouldn’t recommend reaching out to them to remind them to complete their subscription or to manually add them to your lists. Thats because technically speaking, these users have not shared full explicit consent. The implications of this in my opinion, far outweighs reaching out to a handful of prospective customers such as potentially hitting spam traps/honey pots and violating a number of regulations (CAN-SPAM, CASTL, GDPR, etc). 



Thank you, David for the detailed explanation!