How can I delete a custom property?

  • 18 July 2021
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Can’t seem to find any information related to this; how do I delete a custom property? I don’t mean removing the property from someone’s profile; I’m talking about deleting the property itself. I thought removing it from all the profiles that show it would automatically delete it, but apparently that’s not the case.

Thanks, -oo


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8 replies

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I think you may need to contact the Support team.  


Curious, if they are all deleted already, why not just leave it as-is?


From the Guide to Properties help page

If you have many properties that span across profiles, you may need to bulk delete them. Bulk deletion can only be performed by a Klaviyo staff member, so this should only happen when absolutely necessary. If this is the case, reach out to a member of our Support Team. When you do so, you will be prompted to file a support ticket. In that ticket, list all of the properties that you want to be deleted.

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@Mailbox Manny here’s the use case. I created a custom property. Then I decided to change its name. So now I have two properties that are slightly different. They both appear not only in the property dropdowns during imports and creating flows, which makes it easy to accidentally pick the wrong one, especially months from now when I don’t remember which is the one that’s actually used in the profiles. Make sense? 

Thanks, -oo

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Yup, that makes sense!


I have the same question.  I have 2 properties with the same name but one has the first letter in upper case in error.  I'd like to delete that custom property that I don't need that has never been used to avoid future confusion.  

How do I delete a custom property?

Thank you.

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Hey @karendotcom,

In order to fully delete and remove a custom profile property from your account, you’ll want to put in a request and reach out to our wonderful Support colleagues as @Mailbox Manny had mentioned prior. 

As a note, when submitting your request, since this is action is permanent, I would recommend being very specific in the custom profile property you wanted removed. I find it most helpful if you include a screenshot from a profile highlighting the exact custom profile property you want deleted.



What a nuisance to have to reach out to support where wait times are typically atrocious to begin with.


We should have the ability to delete custom properties on our own. You give so much control over everything else why would this be different. 


At the very least, Klaviyo should be smart enough to know when profiles with certain custom properties (such as tests) are entirely deleted (ie no more profiles with these fields) and update the system to stop showing these historic values in workflow and segmentation logic dropdowns.


The same goes for Shopify when every test or one-off discount, product title, etc are always appearing in dropdowns. Extremely frustrating and confusing, especially if the duplicate or slightly different values are no longer active in Shopify, yet Klaviyo displays one static historic record of all.


You have the ability to dynamically refresh arrays like these!

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Hey @SirSend,

Our teams are always trying to automate as much as possible and give the control of different aspects into our user’s own hands. We certainly still have a long ways to go and many different areas to tackle though. 

I appreciate those notes and feedback and will be sharing these details and use case with our Product Team. 


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@David To As a feature request I'd also like to put a warning when enabling the Typeform integration. I've seen customers adding 5 years of typeform (rubbish) data in Klaviyo making it a complete mess. 

As for this specific issue indeed as mentioned above, this has to be handled by Klaviyo staff.



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