How can I segment Current Paid subscription users from Current Free trial users [ReCharge x Klaviyo]

  • 10 January 2022
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Hi everyone,


Can you help me identify the definition I should be using when segmenting the CURRENT PAID USERS from FREE TRIAL users of our brand.


I already segmented those who are currently in free trial.


But the metric I use [ 'rc_active_subscriber ] appears true to both users, either PAID or FREE trial users.


So, how can I create a segment of those on PAID SUBSCRIPTION only [ EXCLUDING the FREE TRIAL users]




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3 replies

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Hi there @karentiamson21,

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for posting your detailed question here and I hope we can figure something out. 

So you are correct that the 'rc_active_subscriber’ value will not work because it only distinguishes between TRUE or FALSE. You would have to tag your free / paid subscribers with some profile property that way you can segment only the paid or only the free subscribers.

One way you could do this is by either having a contains item = your subscription (if it is classified as an item).?name=Screenshot_1_4_22__10_34_AM.png
If not, you would have to attach a custom profile property and segment from that.

 Manually Updating Custom Properties through a CSV Upload is a viable option when wanting to bulk update your profiles. However, there are many other options available for adding custom properties to users. For instance, if you’re looking to add update a profile who has just ordered their first paid subscription order, you could ‘Add a Property’ to a user traveling down a ‘ Post-Purchase Flow’ to further identify and tag them atomically instead of manually. Additionally, you could Asks Users to Update Their Custom Properties through signup forms, your subscribe/manage preference page, or a call-to-action on a campaign. If neither of options fit exactly what you’re looking for can add custom properties to profiles via our Track API that would map profiles automatically. 

I recommend checking out another post made by a user in the Community on a similar topic! 

Let me know if this helped!



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Thank so much Alex,


I did the first suggestion you made, but that can only segment those who are on trial kit. Seems like there's no definition to exclude a certain segment from another segment. That's what I first thought. Also, I couldn't find a variable that would say “not equal to” trial kit, to automatically exclude them from active paid subscribers.

Let me check all the resources that you included here. Then I'll give you an update. Thank you so much.

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Hi there @karentiamson21!

Glad I could help. 

Just to clarify a few things, there is no way to exclude a segment within a segment. While it's not possible to use that type of condition you can easily ensure that a profile meets the criteria of a separate segment by doing the following. Clone the original segment by clicking Manage Segment > Clone Segment. You can then add the additional conditions that you want. Profiles will have to be included in the original segment (becuase they meet all the original conditions) and they will also meet the new conditions that you add.

In the example I gave the “trial kit” is a custom product used to demonstrate a possible way to distinguish between paid and free subscribers. That way, you could say “oh for every free user who selected the trial kit/free plan, I can segment off those who have ‘purchased’ this plan. In your own store definition, this could just be a workaround depending on how you have the paid vs free subscription products defined and how the interact with your data.

Looking forward to your update!