How can I segment off of a property uploaded via list?

  • 22 February 2023
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Hi all! Sorry if this has been explained elsewhere but I can’t find anything that answers my specific question. 

We did a giveaway on social media and in addition to their names/addresses/emails we asked what product they were interested in. When I uploaded this list into Klaviyo, I included that column in the spreadsheet. Is there a way to target people by the product they selected? Do I have to upload the list in a particular way? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @RachelLoveBugProbiotics


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to help! 


The product interest area should be uploaded as a property in your list upload. Similarly to how you see ‘Favorite Color’ listed as the property in this screenshot below:


This way you can easily segment off this data and send specified emails to users who want to hear about certain products, that’s where the power of segmentation shines! 


Finally, if you have trouble importing this list, I’d check out our List import troubleshooting documentation as well as these Community threads:


Thanks for participating in the Community!