How can I use segments to prevent users from receiving back to back emails?

  • 1 January 2023
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It would be helpful to have a feature where I could create segments based on engagement for scheduled campaigns.

When we run promos, I do my best not to email customers two days in a row. One simple way to do this is to exclude customers who opened one day’s email from the following day’s send.

In order to do this efficiently, it seems like I have to wait for the email whose openers I’d like to exclude to start sending. It’s only then that I can select it from Klaviyo’s segmentation menu.

This is true even if I make a segment with rules like “opened email once over all time where Campaign Name equals [previous day’s campaign].” If I manually enter the name of the campaign in question, the list size will show as 0. However, as soon as that email goes out and I select the Campaign Name from the dropdown menu, it will populate accurately.

If I send promo emails 2 days in a row and I want to exclude people who opened the day 1 email from receiving day 2, I have to wait until day 1 has begun to send, then make a segment of people who opened it, THEN exclude them from the day 2 send.

It would be nice if I could make a segment for people who have opened the day 1 email before that day 1 email goes out, then let it automatically populate in the background for the day 2 send.

Long story short: help me stop working on weekends, Klaviyo! 😉

3 replies

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@BenjaminN  I have been setting up segments ahead of time for years without issue for this exact use case. Yes, it will of course be zero people at first, but by the time the second email gets sent the segment will update. 


I have noticed when I copy and paste the campaign name (since the condition is case sensitive) it will often put a space at the beginning of the name, so make sure you delete that.


Also, the future emails have to be send in your own local time and determine recipients at send time. If you’re scheduling in advance and using local time it will determine recipients at schedule time not giving the exclusion segment time to update. 


If you test this out and find it doesn’t work anymore please let me know. That’s a dealbreaker!


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@Jessica eCommerce Badassery thank you for the detailed response.

I didn’t realize there was a space at the beginning of the name when one copy/pastes; that’s helpful. Also made the mistake of not sending in local time, so recipients were not updating at the time of sending.

I appreciate your insight!

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Hi there @BenjaminN


Thanks for sharing your rockin’ insight @Jessica eCommerce Badassery so we can help @BenjaminN to work less 😂 !


Additionally, it’s also worth mentioning that you can utilize our smart sending feature, which will prohibit users from getting another email from your brand within the allotted window, if you aren’t already. 


Thanks for participating int he Community!