How can you segment all emails that subscribed/enter your list over all time? Whether they are still subscribed or unsub already

  • 14 December 2021
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I would love to know how I can put all the emails that have subscribed and unsubscribed in a store. This means all emails that has ever been connected in a store from the very beginning up until present...all of them.


What should be the definition when you're segmenting them?


Thanks so much 


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Properties about someone - Email - contains - @

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Hey @Bobi N.,

Thanks for contributing and providing that segment definition!

@karen1628, for some clarification, the segment definition that Bobi mentioned would be a great if you were just capturing all profiles/contacts within your Klaviyo account. This is inclusive of both Active profiles and Suppressed profiles; but does not distinguish between subscribers. 

To create a segment capturing subscribers and unsubscribes, I would suggest using the definitions of “What someone has or has not done, has Subscribed to List at least once over all times OR What someone has done, Unsubscribed at least once over all times”. 

Keep in mind that the Subscribe to List metric is only triggered if users subscribed to a list from the following methods: 

  • Klaviyo signup form
  • Quick Add
  • V2 List API's subscribe endpoint
  • Accepts marketing at checkout

This means that if a contact was added from a .CSV import or the copy/paste method, the contact would not trigger this event and would not be captured by the segment. For this reason, if you are aware of any lists that you’ve manually imported contacts to, you may want to also add in a “If someone is or is not in a list, person is in list X” to your segment definition.