How create an interest survey in Klaviyo

  • 19 December 2022
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I want to send new subscribers an email that asks their interests, and have responses be added to customer profile. One question with 5 responses. If subscriber clicks on a response button, that attribute gets added to their profile. Can I do this within Klaviyo? Is there a tutorial? 


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5 replies

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Hey there! 

Klaviyo has a great doc here that should fit your use-case!

In it, it shows how to make a profile property update link that you can plug into each button, basically auto-filling the profile property based on their click and also you can set a custom re-direct after that click as well!

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Spark Bridge!  That solution seems to only work if recipient selects one button. I am trying to create a way for a recipient to click on as many interests as apply to them. Any suggestions?

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Oddly, Typeform only allows one question per page on a. survey. I want a simple one page survey to ask recipient to select which interests apply to them, and have that property data be assigned to their profile in Klaviyo.  Suggestions?

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Looks like Survicate can do it.

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@pgconnolly If you wanted to stick to Klaviyo for it - you could create a embedded sign-up form that is placed on a landing page.

You could then ask the question with a checkbox option so that way they could select multiple choices. Then those values could still be stored in their profile. But they would have to click to leave the email and then fill this out on the landing page form.

The other way to make that original button option work would be to create profile variables for each button and if they click more than one it sets the value of that unique profile property as ‘YES’, for example. And then don’t put in any re-direct, just tell them to click the ones that apply to them. User-experience-wise, they won’t really know their answers are being logged without that re-direct, so might be a bit awkward of an experience that way.