How Do And + Or Connectors Work in Segments?

  • 14 February 2022
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I’m struggling with ANDs and ORs in segments and am reading this Klaviyo Guide. Could someone explain this section of the OR side. I believe the last two sentences contradict each other - I can’t get my head around it! 




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The best way I tackle these AND/OR statements is viewing ‘OR’ as a plus sign for your segment!

Newsletter - 500 Contacts OR (PLUS) Placed Order at least once - 800 Contacts
You then have 1,300 contacts - which is a combination of both populations when using an OR statement.

With AND statements -
Newsletter - 500 Contacts AND (Filtering that 500 contacts DOWN) Placed Order at Least Once - 800 Contacts

You then have maybe only 200 contacts who have done BOTH items. 

Whenever you throw in an ‘AND’ statement, see it as a Required checkbox for this segment. The contacts in this list must meet both filters when using ‘AND’ in-between them.

Hope that helps a bit! 

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Thanks for answering! That’s as I see it. The above text in the screenshot just confused me totally and so I wanted to check if I’m missing something. 

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Hi @Sara


@Spark Bridge Digital LLC did an excellent job helping to explain a bit more about AND OR connectors, as I agree, they can be tricky at first! Essentially, OR connections makes a segment more inclusive, while AND connectors make a grouping more exclusive. Essentially, with the screenshot above, a user needs to meet either one of the two conditions. However, if it was an AND connector, users dynamically pulled into the segment if they had met BOTH conditions, not just one. However, I can see how that working might be confusing and will relay this to our docs team. Thanks for brining it to light!


Finally, I’d recommend checking out these similar Community posts to gain more insight into connectors and how segments work! 


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